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  • Good response and follow up
  • Good people to talk to on the phone
  • Dependable, reliable, competitive
  • The ease..one to Book online and it is looked after.
  • Excellent dispatchers to deal with and reliability at meeting my customers demands in a timely manner.
  • Seems like a solid and well-run taxi service company.
  • BUF Buffalo Airport Taxi Service is a friendly, reliable Taxi Service with people who care about your business needs.
  • Friendly staff On-time pick up and good follow up
  • I like the fact that BUF Buffalo Airport Taxi Service is willing to listen to what our needs are and be flexible when trying to achieve a win/win price solution
  • I think very honestly that BUF Buffalo Airport Taxi Service has an excellent Airport Taxi service and proved to us that they were very reliable
  • The personal attention (ie final Taxi Agent confirmation) just to see how things are going and to confirm. Also the email notifications sent when after you have booked your pick up as well as notification when the taxi has arrived. Those are my top 2 things that make BUF Buffalo Airport Taxi Service irreplaceable in my opinion.
  • The drivers are professional, friendly and very helpful


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BUF Buffalo Airport Taxi Service is the Buffalo NY Low Rates Airport and Local Taxi Service provider transporting customer to and from BUF Airport, Canada, Toronto, Niagara Falls and any sightseeing areas in New York.
955 Lafayette Ave Buffalo , NY 14209 USA

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